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Text for Page 113 [12-24-1852]

              at evening the engraving Seymour called.     Dillon
& Kelly came.     Out with them, drinking at the Shades
& �Live & Let live, till 11 or so.
  25.  Saturday.  Being Christmas Day.     Drawing
till 12 or so,   till Dillon came, anon Kelly.  To
Sweeney�s for dinner,  thence to the Jersey City ferry with
intent to go to Paterson, there to see the Falls.     But on
finding we could not return to town by that night, we [�cen?]
walked to the Battery, and embarked for Staten Island.
A three hours muddy, but not unpleasing ramble, then return
ed by the last boat.      Supped at Sweeneys, then to my room
awhile.  Dillon reading aloud.    Brown came.  To the
Shades,  and ale.         Brown in my room anon, for half
an hour.
  26. Sunday.  In doors all day till night, mostly
drawing.    Evening with Waud, in Swintons room. Dillon
came.      To the Shades with Waud, Swinton & Dillon, a
rarebit & ale.      Walked to the ferry with Dillon,
& returned alone.
  27.  Monday.  Down town, at B & P�s,
Lantern Office, Post Office &c, hurrying about all
day doing the hundred odd things always preluding
a journey.   Tired out.     At 3, to the Chamber               
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