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Text for Page 114 [12-27-1852]

              Street Savings Bank, where I had to wait three mor-
tal hours, en queue, in a tremendous crowd, till 
I could be relieved of $80.     The way was thus.
As each individual arrived he was stationed in rank &c
so the whole area was soon chokingly & perspiringly
filled.      There were folk of all sorts & nations, the ma-
jor part being Irish.        Fraternizing with one of the lat-
ter,  a carman, I soon learnt that nought but city
notes being taken, part of my intent, (that of paying
in $150 was null,)   wherefore I forced my way
through the crowd, rushed to room, made up $80
in gold, returned through the wet, and got back
into my place again, with no small effort.  The
throng had began to move, and wearily & perspiringly
did we travel to and fro.                Certain acts of
good nature did I & my friendly carman do, in the
way of admitting women out of their rank before us.
And an honest Dutchman I noted make way for two
buxom faced women, there by provoking most vixenish
comment from a preturnaturally viciously-sharp old
one, who endeavoured to establish a fiction that he
himself, the good-tempered Teuton, had wrongfully dod-
ged into his place.       But the crowd only laughed at               
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