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Text for Page 115 [12-27-1852]

              her.       6 o�clock, and I have reached the desk &
am relieved.         Off through rain to room.  Weed
came for blocks.          Supped at Sweeneys, then to
work prepartory, carpet bag &c arrangements.
Dillon Mapother & Kelly came,   send �em down stairs
and work on till 8, then having finished join
them in the lower room, where were Swinton & Waud
hard at work.          Writing words to cuts &c, greatly
to the impatience of the energetic Celt Kelly.  Much
chaff thereon.       Davis came.       All adjoured to the
Shades.     On getting out into the rainy raw, dank
night, behold a terrible lurid glare all over the
eastern part of the city, evidently a great fire in
Brooklyn.         Two hours or so at the Shades.  Ale
tods,  welch rarebits, chops, steaks, cigars and
chaff.      Then all out and through the mud and
wet to the East River, rather uproarously. Ar-
rived there, the motion of Kelly & Swinton, that we
should incontinently cross to Brooklyn was over-ruled
& standing on divers barrels at the end of a pier we
note the waning & glowing of the fire in the
dim, wet, misty night.         And then Davis sang
a song, a certain London low-life ditty anent               
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