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Text for Page 116 [12-27-1852]

              the sudden demise of a rat-catchers daughter, and
the untimely fate of an admirer of hers, the which
ended thus
            �So he cut his throat with a piece of glass
                   And stabbed his donkey arter!
              And the donkey & poor lilly-vite-Sand
                   Died for love of the rat-catcher�s daughter!�
Back to Erfords & more tods, until nigh upon
  28.  Tuesday       1 o�clock.   Great and uproarous
chaffing anent Kelly�s   stalactic English hat, the
which he took in good part.     Feignings to sit upon
it,  legends related of men having been slain by hats
of European make having been hurled at them &
a thousand other mirthful conceits.       Back to room
Kelly leaving us.      I to bed, leaving Dillon on
the Sofa, and Waud on two chairs,  Swinton working
away engraving with intent to keep on all night.
Was rapped up by Murtagh at 5, dressed, 
down stairs and in an hour & a half�s time
turned out with Dillon into a raw, wretched,
dank, ghostly-misty morning.     To the North
River, and across a river of mist to the Jersey
City Depot.           Shook hands with Dillon &               
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