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Text for Page 117 [12-28-1852]

              off for the North.         Rain splashings intermittent against
the car windows, stove within cheery as a stove can be.
Now last time I travelled this route, albeit Summer,
yet the weather was not over good, recorded I note
more than the general features of the landscape.  This
time, being well advised      I took the right side of
the cars, and kept my eyes open.      As the day drew
on, and having breakfasted on the line, I felt
mightily exhilarated.        80 miles or so passed and we
are winding high up among the mountain tops of Dela-
ware.     How grand, how savagely wild, mountains
on mountains aspiring heaven wards, thousands upon
thousands of blackened tree stumps, crags, cliffs
and awful precipieses, wide wild gorges, forests
of bared hemlocks & pines.    Snow, ice, water
and mist about them.    Savage winter holding indis-
puted sway,  nor hut nor sign of habitation, save
perchance some wretched ruined shanty, rotting by the
ice-bound water.       Before and behind ranges of moun-
tain chain;  the winding Snake like Delaware river
amidst them.    Places yet the haunts of wolf &
panther, a primeval world.         The Cascade
Bridge, a wide arch, thrown across an awful               
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