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Text for Page 120 [12-29-1852]

              a steep intensely frozen copse-covered bank, till I can
look down on the lower Fall.       Steeper than the first,
I think, and prettier.    Here I stay for an hour or two,
viewing the cataract from different spots, slipping about &
holding on to the ice-covered twigs and trees;  the very barks
of which had an icy covering shell,  which would crackle &
snap when touched.       Sometimes showers of water came from
below, in the shape of half born iceicles.           Back
after a long look about the ruined houses.  Two, there are.
To my place, supped, read till 8, and on the cars again.
Bergen by 9 or half past, long delay in starting.  Snow-storm.
Bed at the Railway hotel, where I write this.  Candle going
  30.  Thursday.   Was aroused just in time to get into
a canvas-covered cart yclept �The Stage�, and in company with
the driver, another individual, divers boxes & a mail bag, was
jolted over 7 miles of ice-[bound?] roads, intensely, savagely
cold withal.   Driver, New York born, had been a Circus-rider.
Other man a peddler.      Arrived at Le Roy & Heylyn�s.
Greetings, feeding &c, talk.          About the town with him &
divers calls during the day.
  31.  Friday.   Off to the Buttermilk Falls, which; this,
time were in full operation and looked very picturesque. For               
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