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Text for Page 078 [01-23-1850]

              aperient to superfluous braggadocio.  English nationality is internal
till provoked by bombast.       Evening drawing. Hughie violinizing
; � he�s a kindly-hearted fellow; � with less than the average of
the all-potent devil Self in his composition.
  24. Thursday.  All the weary day packing, books, drawings, clo-
thes and other of civilization�s nuisances.        Sitting matagrabo
-lized and melancholic in the evening, � sore throar and motley-
hued musings of Past and Present � not Carlyle�s but mine
own. Mine own � mine own � mine own � Oh my
God, Mary � hope is rotting piecemeal. Accursed, deathly
horrible word Never � I half think I know its meaning.
  25. Friday.  Leaden headed, lazy fingered drawing. �Mose.�
More talk of steam rivalry.     A somber-thoughted walk about
Jersey in the rear of the afternoon.     Evening, jug of cyder-brandy
punch, vocalizing with Hughie and Collinson, in honor of my depar-
ture on the morrow
	�If a man should be drunk to night
	     And dead in his grace to morrow �
	Will you, or any man say
	     That he died of care and sorrow!
	Then hang up all sorrow and care
	     Says did Sir Simon the King!�
							To Holts
  26. Saturday.   Stove pipe moving, grate-unfixing, table               
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