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Text for Page 122 [01-01-1853]

  1.  Saturday.  A little snow having fallen over-night
out with Heylyn to the place where he keeps horse and
sleigh, and off in the latter to the merry tinkle of
the sleigh bells.    Not enough snow for very brisk progress.
Return after a call, about the town, and necessary
purchasings;  off along country roads again, call at a
house where we visited a pleasant-faced  clergyman�s
wife, (with whom Heylyn flirted,)  and two children.
Back.              Visitors coming in the evening in the shape of
man, wife, and two children, we played whist, �Tivoli� (!)
had snapdragon &c for the alarm of the juveniles.   An abortive
attempt at �hunt the Slipper� and forfeits, ending in a fearfully
romping game of blind man�s buff, which got all the party into
a very horrid state of temperature.        I think all the folk
were inclined to jollity save Mrs Heylyn, who for certain private
ends got up the preliminaries to imitation hysterics, necessitating
Heylyn to yell at her in an energetic manner in the adjoining
room; whereupon the symptoms gradually disappeared, the per-
former however making demands for extreme sympathy during
the remainder of the Evening.
   It is part of her system to affect sickness.    She�s never going               
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