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Text for Page 123 [01-01-1853]

              to live the year out, wants medical attendance, (and has it;) &
is perpetually disproving the truth of all this, to all eyes save
to Heylyns. /         Just such a result as might have been an-
ticipated from such a marriage.
   I�ve a great temptation to enlarge here, but resist it. Heylyn�s
my host for the time and is � a good humored fellow � when
he has his own way.
  2. Sunday.   In doors all the sleety winter�s day. Made
two drawings on wood for �Picayune.�
  3.  Monday.   To the town in the �buggy�;  sent off blocks,
to Post Office, out into the country where Heylyn had to pur-
chase corn for the horse,   to the stable;  back to dinner;
indoors drawing in the afternoon,  a water-color sketch of the �Butter-
milk Falls� for Heylyn.           To the town on foot with Heylyn
at night, he having to attend an �Odd Fellows� meeting, I tar-
ryed in a store, read the local papers, or listened to the talk
of the three or four idlers who assembled round the huge wood-
burning stove /.          I can�t admire your rustics either at home
or abroad.       Their ideas run slowly in the narrowest of chan-
nels,  are all of a class.      They talk the dullest of common-
place, spiced with the ring of dollars.    They are slow to
comprehend; they use �damnable iteration�,  saying the
same thing over and over again to infinite weariness.               
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