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Text for Page 125 [01-04-1853]

              Heylyn had not intended to accompany me farther than
to Byron, his own desire to go to Niagara having 
been rendered null by matrimonial management. �I think
Edward had better not go.� quoth Mrs H.    Sooth to say
self, (and that in a very vulgar way,)  being the lady�s faith,
she had no particular reason for wishing him to please himself.
/     Homer having however informed us of another route,
by which it was imagined we could reach Niagara by night,
Heylyn must fain go.       I never pressed him, save
in moderation long before; never should to anyone
save one whom I found true metal, brains &
good-fellowship both.        So after a hearty meal at 4 o�c
we set off in the cutter, across the country for a
little place yclept Holley, albeit pronounced by the abo-
rigines as Haw-ley.       And ah! what a bore was
Heylyn on the road.   First we discovered that the place
was four miles farther than Homer had asserted. And 
Heylyn did so worry with anticipations of what he should 
do if the snow thawed to get home, when he should
get home, (to do nothing but be bored:) with common place
iterations of the same ideas repeated a hundred times
over and garnished by coarse oaths; that but that I
had perfectly cool contempt for such [unclear word] of temper               
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