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Text for Page 126 [01-04-1853]

              I had fain told him of the infinite relief �twould have been
to have let me alight and jog merrily on for the long wintry
miles.          It was horribly cold in faith, and when within
three miles of fulfilling our fourteen we were not sorry to
take divers tods at a certain Fairfields Mill�s Settlement;
where I considerably surprised the idlers by my beard &
some outr� cosmopolitan free & easy sentiments.   Inasmuch
as Heylyn had considerable brandy he was endurable 
until we reached Holly, where we entered the only Inn,
and made two of a circle round a fireplace wherein
huge logs were blazing warming the room everywhere.
Sate half an hour or more listening to talk about
broken limbs & amputations, then waxing drowsy to bed,
Heylyn following, to another, ere long.
  5.  Wednesday.   Up betimes, substantial breakfast, &
to little Railroad dep�t.    Aboard, and cheerily to Niagara
Falls, passing along the river & catching a glimpse of
the suspension bridge.   (Heylyn had stabled horse & cutter
at Holley.)          Arrived, by 10 or so, and straightway
to the little boarding-house  I discovered and stayed at in
July.     Left carpet-bag and straightway to the Falls.
Over the first bridge to Bath Island.  There were the
terrible rapids leaping, rushing and raging as of old,               
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