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Text for Page 127 [01-05-1853]

              there the little rocky islets, (so well drawn in Bartlett�s
engraving;)  now all bare and horrent with skeleton
pines and cedars.     Across to Goat Island, (paying our
twenty five cents;) and I piloting we skirted the Island
towards the American Fall.      Arrived towards the
steep pathway that leads to the top of the minor fall,
(beneath which is the so-called �Cave of the Winds�) and
the path being all ice-covered and consequently slippery, very
much ado had I to get Heylyn to follow.       At length
he did and we crossed to the other island.    Thence
back, and after another squatting, sliding descent, across
the bridges from rock to rock, (every thing ice or snow-
covered and as slippery as glass,)  up to the summit of
the tower on Terrapin Rock  and again Niagara was
lying beneath me, in all the savage grandeur of winter.
Platform, summit, column and railing are all marbled with
ice, and a wintry sleet dashes over us from below.  It is a
dull, brooding day, no sun visible and the Great Cataract is
awfully beautiful to see.    All above, across the broad river
to the frost-bound   Canadian shore, the rapids are dashing and
leaping in their wildest winter�s fury, till driven over the
inevitable edge, where they appear of a dull yellowish green,
merging into a sea of foam which boils up from the abyss               
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