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Text for Page 130 [01-05-1853]

              Satisfied with gazing, we turn back, find retrogression more
difficult and dangerous than descent, and in time arrive at
the tower foot with strained and torn hands, mud and
ice-covered boots, general exhaustion and perhaps a trifle of
thankfulness.  My india-rubber overshoes are a piteous wreck.
Up to Goat Island again and off to the village.    There,
it being 3 or so in the afternoon, we take a meal; then
go down the long staircase by the nearer side of the Americal
Fall, in the rope-impelled vehicle provided for that purpose,
into the boat waiting, and are rowed across to Canada.
Here as I have before said, is obtained the only view, full &
complete of both Cataracts.     Everything is intensely frozen,
it is very difficult to walk, however carefully, and having wound
up the path to the summit of the Cliffs, when we arrive
at the edge of the Horseshoe Fall we are fain to keep some
yards from the terribly slippery edge.    The day is now
drawing towards its close, and already the American Fall is
only a great ghostly curtain of white mist.    A youth who is
doing something in the rear of a deserted house, recognizes
me,  (whether wrongfully or rightfully,) as having guided me
�under the Fall� last summer.   From him I learn that
this is sometimes done in winter, the adventurers having
�creepers� affixed to their feet.    But I am also told               
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