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Text for Page 131 [01-05-1853]

              it can�t be done yet for a month or so, as the ice is not
firmly frozen.       This I regret, as I am told the effect
is very fine,  walking �twixt a wall of ice and the rock.
A long mile or more�s, walking down the river along the
slippery, rutty, frozen road brings us to a little tavern
beside the Suspension Bridge.       There we stay hours twain,
imbibing ale, and listening to stories about the Cataract, one
of which I put down.         A man working on the bridge,
leading to Bath Island fell into the rapids (during the Spring of
1852) and drifted on to a little island not a hundred
rods from the edge of the American Fall.      No rope or ex-
terior aid could have availed, but a noble fellow, one Joel
Robinson, (nicknamed the boatman of the Cataract ) launched
his boat from a point above, managed it so dexterously as
to reach the island and the poor forlorn man
upon it, and brought him to the shore of Goat Island in
safety.      The people carried him and his boat to the
village in Triumph, and I love �em for it.       This is not
the only act of cool heroism that this brave Massachusetts
born boatman has done, nor the only life he has saved.
  Across the fragile bridge from cliff to cliff at an awful,
heighth from the waters below.       They are constructing ano-
ther on the same spot, designed for railroad trains to               
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