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Text for Page 079 [01-26-1850]

              scouring, all the morning.   Finding carman, half hour�s
stoll by the water.   Then after dinner, carman arriving, box lif-
ting, � ferry crossing, farewell to longer abiding in Jersey.
Arrived at Duane 168. Coffin in the hall � poor German boarder
whom the �whips and scorns of� poverty had tempted to �burst ope the
gates which all would willingly slink by� � he had taken laudanum
yesterday.   Life and Death jostle each other by the elbows. /   A
quarter of an hour spent in porter�s work, dragging horrid heavy 
boxes up; � then �fixing� room, stove &c.   Room 12 feet by 6, 
just able to open door for bed.   Lavation, repiration, cogitation
till about 6; � then decent into sitting and spitting room.  Hot
stove, boarders besieging it and uttering newspaper topics.   Bell rings
� all troops to long room in the rear. Long tables, stools, stove again.
Supped. Back to sitting room � talk with old gentleman about Emer-
son; then strolled to Christopher Street.  Joe daily expected �back
again.�   An hour�s talk, then back to Duane.   Little compli-
mentary badinage with the good tempered Irish girl who shewed me to
my room; then to bed in New York for the first time.
  27. Sunday. Up, and down early.  Breakfast ; then buying
�Atlas� of newsboy at door, sat and read awhile.  Critique on
Emerson, and a fine one in �Tribune.�   A walk down Duane and
up Bowery.  Got �Police Gazette� and there read fine expos� of Hawkins
� hope, if true, that the fellow will get Blackwell incarceration for a 
twelvemonth, � and so an end � who can touch pitch without being               
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