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Text for Page 132 [01-05-1853]

              pass over,  �twill be done this year.   Heylyn raps at the gate
on the other side, and clamors to be let into a free country,
whereupon the gate-keeper, (being a Yankee,) is immensely
tickled.           Having supped at the little �Saloon� we had dined
in,   to the boarding house,  and abed together in a room where
slept four or five others, � windows un-openable by any amount
of coercion.
  6.  Thursday.  After another visit to Goat Island &
the Terrapin Rock Tower, I passed out at a crevice through
the Stairs leading to the Ferry; and by dint of an icy
and precipitous descent got to the nearer foot of the American
Fall, where there is truly a magnificent view of it. Hey-
lyn wouldn�t do this, having sprained his hand in yester-
days exploits.         A long walk along the road on the
U.S. side, some 7 miles or so.    And first we visi-
ted the Whirlpool, which is about half a mile below
the Suspension Bridge.      Here the river makes a sud-
den bend, and having been previously confined to narrow 
channels, in turning upon itself, rages, rushes and foams
furiously.   We descended the cliff here, by a long, winding,
devious track, sometimes ladders, sometimes rocky ledge,
sometimes rough steps, stone and planking.    It was long, 
wearisome and snow covered, but hardly dangerous.               
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