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Text for Page 133 [01-06-1853]

              When at the bottom, it well repayed us.  Great waves leaping
up, contending fiercely, whirling round and round in mad
rage, the whole surface of the vexed river one cauldron
of white foam.       An hour here, then on the road
again, �a lift� for a mile or two, to the �Devil�s
Hole�.      It is an enormous Chasm in the rocks,
one great platform of cliff jutting out and beetling over
awfully.     (Down here were precipited some hundreds of
wretched Indians in the French Canadian war.)  Below
there is a noise of rushing water.      I got down some
small distance by means of a ladder-stair, and then resumed
the road with Heylyn.     Miry, thawing, dirty, wet snow
progression, and at length we reach Lewiston Bridge.
A much finer Suspension Bridge than the other, leading,
like it, into Canada.   On the rocks on the other side
was fought the Battle of Queenstown Heights during the
Second War between the United States and Great Britain.
There Brook fell and high up you can see his monument
damaged and rent as it is by some malicious scoundrel,
who placed gunpowder and a slow match beneath it.   I
did not cross here, owing to Heylyn who had been boring
wretchedly about getting back in time for the Railroad Cars,
(he during the whole time of his absence having been               
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