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Text for Page 134 [01-06-1853]

              haunted by a yearning to be back again.     So we ran back
for 5 or 6 miles at locomotive speed, he saved time
by half a second and we parted.      I walked back
in the lonely wintry evening, the sun having that day shewn
his face for the first time for a fortnight, and now setting
over the western rocks; reached my little boarding-house,
ate an extensive meal, and to bed by 10.
  7.  Fridy.   Took stage for Lewiston, in company
with a pleasant American, (rejoicing in the name of Cuddiback,
and his wife, who sang songs all the way, I sometimes re-
lieving her.     Myself and her husband crossed to Queenstown
Heights and had a glorious view for a hundred miles and
more, all around, the blue Ontario, Canada, and
New York State.       After two hours or more tedious waiting
the Toronto boat arrived, and stepping aboard I found
myself in England again!       Portraits of the Queen, Prince
Albert,  V R�s, all sorts of home associations.  Previous
to our starting there chanced an episode almost worthy of
�Uncle Tom�.     A good-humored civil-spoken negro
came to sell apples, and nearly all his stock were soon
disposed of.  Said he �Peddling apples is�nt a very great
trade gentlemen, but it�s more  honorable than selling
flesh and blood!    I�m a better man than a slave-               
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