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Text for Page 135 [01-07-1853]

              dealer!�     He afterwards got into a controversy with a
half drunken Scotchman, on the subject of universal brother-
hood, quoted the Bible to him, rebuked him for swearing,
and repeated the words of Paul �For God hath made
of one flesh and one blood all the nations of the earth.�
I was well pleased to hear it, and to think that it was
owing to the proximity of Saint George�s Red Cross, that
the poor fellow could say the truth unchecked.
      The little village of Niagara is passed.     So are the
two forts on either side of the river belonging to the rival nations,
and now we are plashing out on what Walter Scott calls
                    �Wild Ontario�s boundless lake.�
It is sea-like, and soon all trace of shore is left behind.
Many persons are disturbing themselves with anticipations of sea-
sickness.        I don�t,  and when the bell rings make an excel-
lent dinner.          The vessel rolls and pitches.   Folks walk
up and down and try to look happy.   I dry my feet,
(which have been, during the past week perpetually wet,) and
as it grows dark, doze beside the Stove, or in one of the
recepes where, in sea going vessels, berths are placed.   Half
past 6 in the evening brings us to our journey�s end. Going
on deck,  I find that we are steering towards a sea
of floating ice, miles out, and that between and               
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