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Text for Page 136 [01-07-1853]

              beyond two red lights lies the city, level and indistinctly
beheld.       Being unable to force our way to the nearer landing-
place, in consequence of the ice, we plash down to where approach
is feasible, and after much clamor and ado effect an entrance
into what was once the seat of Government in Canada.  My
queerly named Yankee friend and wife, a young Canadian,
(engaged for a Telegraph Office,)  another individual, (unknown)
and myself, are impelled into a sleigh by excited touters,
and off we rattle through snow clad or muddy streets to
the North American Hotel, where we disembark, and are
immediately engaged in a violent controversy relative to the fare,
which is terminated by the landlord, a gentlemanly one-armed
man, from Nottinghamshire, England, who after we have
paid the driver half demanded civilly impels him into the
passage.       Meantime I have diligently scanned the directory
whether among the list of Butchers I can spy the name of
Mr Richard Gunn, being mindful of that scamp�s existence
in Toronto.       It is not there, but the landlord says
he lives there, and learning that the market is close
adjacent, I set out with a small English manufactured
boy for my guide, and find it closed.   So I return,
am mightily pleased at finding all sorts of English ways and
associations around me, and go to bed betimes, for the first               
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