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Text for Page 137 [01-07-1853]

              time in Canada.
  8. Saturday.   Up betimes, and abroad as a looker on.
To the Butchers Market, a well-built, covered arcade,
occupied on either side by their shops, displaying carcasses
of sheep,  great sides of beef and joints of meat, (at this
time all garnished with holly and ivy, in honor of the season;)
brisk, sturdy, healthy looking butchers,  all busy and as
English looking as may be.   (A butchers shop in the United
States is a dirty affair, with unchanged saw-dust, unscraped
blocks and bits of garbage lying about.   The cattle too are
butchered, not killed decently.)                   I find Mr Gray,
Dick�s master, and learn divers particulars of him.  Mr
Gray is a short, good-tempered Yorkshireman, fifteen
years resident in Canada; � tells me firstly that Dick
is a rascal, the which I agree with.       That he is now
in Rochester, N Y.     That after his return from Eng-
land the last time, (when I and George Bolton accompan-
ied him,) he appeared at Toronto with a story about
having lots of money left to him by a grandmother, and
married a certain Miss Newton, a girl he had been
courting previous to his departure.      That Mr Gray
had employed him twice,  Dick perpetrating divers acts
of small rascality, winding up with making a pretence of               
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