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Text for Page 138 [01-08-1853]

              having been robbed, calling the police in &c, (which robbery
nobody credited.)     Finally he decamped, suddenly, after his
fashion.   He talked of going to Australia.  He was well
known in Toronto.        The landlord of the North American
who knew Dick well, gave me other items.   That Dick had
told him, and he half-credited it, that he was the illegit-
imate son of a nobleman, had an immense income &c.
Rather amusing items anent my rascally cousin.    /   Con-
tinuing my walk up, and around the arcade, where, 
it being Saturday morning everybody is very busy.  Vendors
of deer, poultry, earthenware, game &c all around.
Everything save for the fur caps worn by the men  Is English
looking, and inexpressibly pleasant to me.       There are
toy-shops,  book-stalls and English money passing from hand
to hand; framed prints of the Queen & her husband,
not too much like the originals.     At the end of this
Arcade, ahutting on the main street of the City is a fine
stone architectural front.     It is called Saint Lawrence
Hall.     There is also a minature Covent Garden in the shape
of a vegetable market.            The sleigh-bells echo everywhere
as I ramble about the town.    Churches, neat brick or
stone houses, inn-signs with �Heads� and �Arms� innu-
merable; boys sturdy and bashful (with none of the horrid               
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