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Text for Page 139 [01-08-1853]

              precocity manifest in Yankee-olive-branches,) sliding and
skating;  lots of civil Scotchmen.       Paved streets and
good display in the shops.        I make two purchases, a
fur cap & gloves, gauntlet shape.           Walking
about all the morning till 1,   then return to lunch
and the �North American.�     Writing and general fraterniza-
  9.  Sunday.   Long walk with the telegraphic Cana-
dian to see College and Asylum.    Collegians in
dresses familiar to me at Oxford.    At the Telegraph
Office,  witnessing the mode of working.         I like the
Canadians, they are sociable and friendly; � there�s none
of that hard, restless, cosmopolitan Americanism manifest
which, while it makes the U.S. citizen so self-reliant
and dominant, and respected divests him of home feelings
and comforts.       If ever the time comes, and I suppose 
it will, that Canada joins in the great aggressive march
of the mighty republic, I for one shall be sorry to think
that these pleasant home associations will be submerged.
  I like to hear kindly English thoughts spoken in an
English tongue, in an English Colony.      And I very
much like Canada.
10.	Monday.   Up before daylight, and am               
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