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Text for Page 140 [01-10-1853]

              rattled off to the boat in sleigh.   Aboard and to Lewiston
by noon; then into a carriage and jolting over miry, thawing
filthy road to the Falls village.     To the little boarding house,
dined, settled, packed carpet bag and off by rail for  Buffalo.
There arriving had to wait till 11 o�clock at night till the
train for Dunkirk arrived.       This I did at a Dutch tavern
hard by.       Off at Length, and weary night and morn travel
  11.  Tuesday.       to Dunkirk.   Three hours more waiting for
the Express train, passed in the room of an adjacent tavern, dozing
wretchedly with head on carpet-bag, men tramping about all the
time.        Cars arrive and off, briskly till 10 or so, when
getting out to breakfast at a place yclept Olean, I after it
was over incontinently walked into a train of cars which had drawn
up to the door, and presently found myself hurrying � back to
Dunkirk.    They were close together, and the length of the train prevented
my seeing which end the locomotive was attached.      So I travelled on
twenty miles or so to �Little Valley�, a picturesque place, then
got out and tarried for the next train, which arrived at about
1,  then aboard again, and wearily on and on all the long
  12. Wednesday.       day and night.      It was a slow train
and I had lost twelve hours.    Towards nightfall a heavy-
snowstorm commenced, and continued till the arrival in New
York.      We were kept waiting for a dismal three hours at               
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