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Text for Page 141 [01-12-1853]

              Paterson, where the line joins with the Jersey Railroad.
  At New York by noon, found Carpet-bag at the dep�t, to
my room, through the fast falling snow flakes; called in at
Swinton & Fays; then down town to Bunnell & Price�s, Weed,
and the Lantern Office.      Return, and to bed by 6, with
a horrid throbbing head-ache and extreme weariness of the eyes.
Slept till 12, at night and then woke up very sick, and so continued.
  13.  Thursday.  Sick all day, vomiting horrid green bile, &
in extreme pain.  Neither ate nor drank.   Dillon Mapother
came,  and Gotch, (Joe Greatbatch�s fellow-workmate at Alcocks.)
And Mr Greatbatch came.
  14.  Friday.   Sickness abating, but little able to go out,
and quite unable to do anything.   Medicine.
  15.  Saturday.   All right but weak.     Evening, with Dillon
to the Fourth Avenue, there calling on Mr Johns, whose card
I found poked under my door on my return from the country.
Found him well to do, in a snug room at a quiet boarding-house
having an office elsewhere, and churches to build.     Supped with
him,  had a cigar &c,  and parted at 11 or so, having
regaled at an adjacent place, also.
  16.  Sunday.  In-doors till evening, when Charley Brown
and Brightly the engraver came, returning from a sleigh-
ride to which I had been also invited, in the morning.               
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