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Text for Page 080 [01-27-1850]

              defiled?           Back � dined, in my room during afternoon.
Mr. Greatbatch and the boys came for some twenty minutes. / Did
not stir out the rest of the day, partly expecting Hughie and Collinson
Evening rather dreary. In the big sitting-room, lamp going out.
  28. Monday. Getting stove pipe in order and thereanent.  Fire being
perpetually lit and going out.  Did the latter myself, � for a short
time.    Evening raining, crossed to Jersey, and calling at the shop
of Collinson�s �boss� found that he and Hughie had crossed to call
on me.  Wherefore passing over to the New York side, paced up 
and down till nigh upon 9, then reflecting that the letter Hughie was
said to have for me might be from her, I hurried on to Duane.
And there, lying on the table set out for the mornings meal, I found
it.  A former letter has miscarried.   To bed, with a light heart
and a thousand loving thoughts � all the world of circumstance bright-
ened and more cheerful.
  29. Tuesday.  To the Bowery, leaving knife for sharpening,
shirt button and needle buying et cetera.  Then a good long days
work, content and cheerful, well pleased at solitude.   At
night, ascertaining from the talk of sitting-room loungers that Ralph
Waldo Emerson lectured that evening at the Clinton Hall, set
off there. Paid my 25 cents, and was admitted into gallery, place
crowded to excess, only standing room obtainable. Subject of
lecture altered from that of �London� to �Spirit of the Times� �               
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