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Text for Page 142 [01-16-1853]

              After two or three hours all together, in Swinton�s room, he,
Waud,  Dillon &c being present; we all adjourned to Shel-
leys and had oysters and Chablis wine, and talk.
  {17.  Monday.       Drawing all the usual Picayune work, and
  18.  Tuesday       down town usually once a day.      Dillon with me
  19.  Wednesday       every day, and generally during the evenings.
  20.  Thursday}       Waud with me.  Much down Stairs, in Swin-
tons room &c.    Field called, and others.  Dillon intending
to be off for England during the week.   With him to and
over the �Pacific�, in which he takes passage.    He sometime
at Millers &c.       A hurrying, busy sort of here and there week.
Not over well.  Domestic disagreables in the way of water leaking
through the roof of my cock-loft and wetting my couch, necessitating
me to bivouac on the floor for one night.     Letter from home.
Wrote letter for Dillon, in case he visits London.
  21. Friday.   Much the same as heretofore.  Firstly out
with Dillon and Waud to the City Hall, where they �declared
their Intentions� to become citizens of the US.  Back to
drawing.  Down town &c.     Evening, after supping with Dillon at Sweeny�s
off to John�s, and brought him down to the Office.  Out with him,
Swinton & Waud to Shellys, where we supped, and afterwards
had an escape from getting into a regular New York �muss.� Waud
having �dared� Swinton, he incontinently jerked some water               
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