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Text for Page 143 [01-21-1853]

              from a tumbler into next box, which descended on Marshall,
lessee of the Broadway Theatre.     Words ensued, comment &
rejoinder, and Marshall left, and in half an hour returned
with �his crowd�,  a posse of fellows he�d picked up, hangers
on about the theatre.     By this time it was late; � the
landlord came, Swinton, Waud, Dillon & I came out of
the box,  much talk, explanation, ill words &c.   There
were over twenty men blocking the way, and everything indicated
a frightful brawl.        Swinton acted very sensibly now  Dillon
tried the mediators part, Waud the same, I said but
little.     The knowledge that we were in the wrong at the
onset made us peaceful.  Waud got water thrown over him, �
we retired into box again,  resolved to fight it there if
necessary.    The Rowdies retired awhile, and presently
came the landlord who proposed to let us out at another
door,  which after threading all sorts of winding ways he
did, and we issued far up in Anthony St.       Saw
Mr Johns to the cars, and Dillon to Jersey Ferry, then
to our separate resting-places.               This Marshall, by
his language and manner is ruffian & blackguard.    How
I hate this accursed Celtic mode of �rousing a party� to
avenge an insult.      No fair man to man contest, but
rob-breaking, five to one, knowing and savage Tipperaryisms.               
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