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Text for Page 144 [01-21-1853]

              All the business however had been provoked by that asinine water-throwing.
  22.  Saturday.   With Waud & Swinton to the At-
lantic dock where we saw Dillon off for England.
He went out pleasantly enow, and the ship looked nobly.
His cousin, a Mr Mapother there to see him off.    It was
a busy, bustling scene, � last glimpse I had of Dillon saw
him off, top of the cabin, waving his handkerchief.    /    I
like him, � he�s a frank, warm-hearted generous-
spirited fellow, and gentleman every inch of him.   He
goes back to his home there to pass his twenty-first
birthday, anon to return hither to a hopeful and
prosperous future.  God speed him!  /              The
rest of the day down town about Fulton Street, and
over to Brooklyn.    I wot not what in the evening,
partly I think passed in doors, or down stairs with Waud
and Charley Brown; which latter hath made an
application to the legislature to transmute his name to
that of Damoreau, Gallicising it for the anticipated
bride�s sake.   Waud  incontinently corrupts it into �D__d
  23.  Sunday.  A dreary, slimy, rainy, in-doors
day.   Marvellously matagrabolized and owlish.
  {24. Monday, until       All this work-o-day week has
  29. Saturday.}       slipped by unrecorded during its               
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