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Text for Page 145 [01-29-1853]

              progress, wherefore I must lump each items as I have
in mind.    �Picayune drawings as usual,  visits from &
visits to Engravers,  some one or two calls at the Lantern
Office,  generally finding either Brougham or Powell there; recon-
ters with Tom Picton,  evenings chiefly in company with
Waud,  perchance others down stairs also,  Swinton &c.
A visit from Field, who discourseth of a certain corn-husking
machine he hath �invented�.         One from John Gotch, (Joe�s
fellow workman at Alcocks) who having returned from Phila-
delphia, departeth next week for Australia.   He is a
keen, money hunting, saving, money-dodged mortal, hath
any number of irons in the fire.   Imprimis he inquired
did I want to purchase building shares he had to dispose
of.  Then, did I want a gold watch.   Anon would I pur-
chase a knife,  and forthwith he produced a handful of
them.       Then he also had some thousand cigars to sell. /
He intends trying antipodean mining, then perchance prac-
tising dentistry,  can take daguerrotypes, and I wot
not what else.   He anticipates returning in two years,
wedding a Philadelphia girl, and there living.  He
affecteth Methodism, pays the passage of a young comrade
out, (to be repaid to him,)  and is withal marvellously 
and transparently selfish.  Yet will he get on in the               
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