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Text for Page 146 [01-29-1853]

              world acquisite snob & prig as he is.   /      Saturday evening, Brightly & Charles
Brown came,  with Alfred Brown.    Talk awhile in
the Swintonian Office,  adjourning all to Shades anon.
Parted with them about midnight, albeit they wandered
on imbibing an hour longer.        Not well this week,
queer,  dull, weary, irritable & matagrabolized.
  30.  Sunday.   A quiet day at Mr Greatbatch�s
till 8 in the evening.    Then off, and called at Mrs
Kidders.       She was there, two young fellows (one �
the nothingarian Ward;)  and Lotty, who jumped up
ran to the door and shook hands with me � both hands,
� and again.       And presently she sang � �Auld Robin
Gray�  and such songs as I love.     Right well I
do know that to be out of sight is to be clear out of
mind with her, that there is nought stedfast and true
in her likings and mislikings, that miserable dupe
must the mortal be who relyed or placed faith in her
wayward nature; � yet knowing all this, how her
face, smile and voice witched me!    How I loved
to look at her.   Mid all the rattle and battledoor
& shuttlecock conversation that ensued  I felt a sort
of bitter, sorrowful, pitying, misanthropy to think of
this girl�s married and empty life.       She asked me               
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