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Text for Page 147 [01-30-1853]

              to call on her, � Bayard Street.         An hour brought
Whytal her husband,  and she went away with him.
Mrs K only introduced him generally, and he stayed in the
background, saying nought, till Lotty had attired herself.
  I stayed an hour longer, talking nonsense to Mrs
K and men boarders, then to the office.      Half
an hour with Swinton, (who I found engraving as he
had been indeed, all day,) then at midnight to my
cock-loft and thinking of many things, to bed.
  31.   Monday.  To Bunnell & Price�s after breakfast.
Dispute with Bunnell ending in new arrangement anent the
cuts. I do drawings for the future,  leaving the engraving
to him.  By this I lose some little, and �scape
an infinitude of bother about getting �em out.    Back to
room & drawing till 2.  Waud up with me.   A letter
from Heylyn.       Dined, down town, �Picayune� Office,
Wells & Webb, Lantern,   Weed�s &c        Return & 
drawing again.    Supped, and then drawing and writing.
  Reply to Heylyn &c

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