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Text for Page 148 [02-01-1853]

  1. Tuesday.     Drawing till 3 or so, dining at
the �Shades�, meeting Neagle, (the bookseller) there, and Gotch
on returning.         Waud and Field in my room all the after-
noon,   I going down town with eight drawings on wood,
big & little for Picayune, and three for �Lantern�,
done this day or yester even.       To �Heller�s� Entertain-
ment in the Evening, having had ticket proffered me with
by Price.   Ingenious diablerics.   Robert Houdinisms  &c.
  2. Wednesday.   Stirred out not at all, save for
meals all the wet, dismal day.     Field with me from 
11 till 3, dining in company at the Shades, where I
met Watson, who told me, first how he had left the
Lantern work, they owing him considerably, then that
Allie Vernon was working for him �Valentine� making.
Field left after dinner,   I drew on. Levy called  Waud with me
part of the time, and all the evening.       Supped at
the �Shades� together at 11 or so, then parted.     A
perfect deluge of rain plashing down.
  3.  Thursday.  Drawing till 2, dined; then
Field called.     Down town, at Mathews, Picayune
& Lantern Offices, Wells & Webb�s.    Crossed               
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