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Text for Page 149 [02-03-1853]

              to Brooklyn, returned.        To room & drawing until
11.     Waud with me all the evening.   Many
and varied have been my feelings towards him, not always
have I done him justice, � I think I could
do so now.     He is the most self-reliant
                     fellow I�ve ever met.
Let me briefly jot him down.      A stupid and tyrannous
father,   a trade he didnt like,  Sunday in the workshop,
parental oaths and ogre-moods,  Somerset-house drawing
school; giving lessons in drawing at country school; �
a first love.  Solitude 
and heart preying on itself awhile, then resolve to live,
� pluck and health again.      Exercise, country journeys,
work of palette & pencil.        Work again, this, that, and the other, �
panorama painting with Allan, and � New York. Another
half-love scrape ere quitting England, severed by the Atlantic,
no sequence to it, nor to a similar Boston one.       A
handsome face, Saxon all over, bold nose, full,
blue eye, fair hair and a color like a girls�.   A laugh               
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