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Text for Page 150 [02-03-1853]

              that you almost love.    Activity, jumpings about and
practical mischeif like to a boys.        And withal a hard
way of talking of character and individual, � no self
cheating as to such.     And a resolve to un-sentimentalize
about anything.   That�s Alf Waud as I see him now,
[line crossed out]
If I can forget him, here�s his portrait to look at.
  4.   Friday.     Drawing some litte & writing.   Bell-
man the wood-pecker came.       Down town with Waud;
parted,   I to Lantern Office, on bootless errand, a call
in at the Picayune Office, then to dinner by 4 at Sweeny�s.
to Royal�s after, gave boys tickets to theatre; then
to room and drawing.     Did one complete, then reading
and writing awhile.     �Tis now nigh 11, so to bed.
  5.  Saturday.   Drawing till 2, dined, then drawing
again.    Down town, Waud walking with me.   To Picayune
Office; Price & Carroll there.    Neagle�s book store, looking
over early etchings of George Cruikshank &c.   Dreary, muddy
progression to room again,      At 8 came Brown and Brightly,
an hour�s talking, then out with them, to Billiard
Rooms in search of Waud,  and found him there.
Brown & Brightly played.    Anon all out, and they to
the Ten-pin alley at �Gothic Hall�, where I rejoined               
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