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Text for Page 151 [02-05-1853]

              them at, (after supping.)     Pistol and Rifle practice; winding
up with St Charles� and oysters.           These sort of
excercises are well enough  for those of infinite leisure &
money; � but �tis a dreary ambition that squanders night
after night, repulsing [wholesome?] sleep, book thoughts &
gentler pleasures  for proficiency in such.    I care not
for them.    Only were I a prince or millionare  I would
wish to have the education of Gargantia; � that of
body & mind being equally tended to.  I think that
the best treatise on education ever written.
      Had a letter from Barth this day, dated a month 
  6. Sunday.   In doors, reading Montaigne.
Ceaseless rain out o� doors.     At 5 came Brightly
& Brown.    Two hours close talk anent divers
matters, then to the 5� Charles�  Broadway saloon,
where we had a quiet well chosen supper & salad
and a bottle of Sherry afterwards.    And lots of talk.
Every one threw his part into the general stock, and
very pleasant was the result.        Astronomy, Geology,
Ornithology,    Creeds,    Individual characteristics,
thoughts, whims, likings, dislikings & oddities, seasoned
with opposite story and illustration.      Until we               
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