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Text for Page 009 [07-25-1849]

              a call on Stringer.	Then to 136 Nassau. Baker and 
the other engravers there abiding.	Saw some of the illustra-
tions of the defunct Yankee Doodle, done by a Mr. Martin-
son, I think to our English Martin, the painter. Very good 
things too.	Went to Childs, John St.	A chance of 
a book to illustrate. 	Calling of the Sun Office, found no answer 
to my advertisements, neither with respect to Barth or pupils.
Evening a walk with George, concluding as yesterdays�, in a 
game at dominoes.
  26. Thursday. Drawing and reading in a desultory and 
unsatisfactory manner. Thunder storm in the afternoon, lightning 
very brilliant. Query � How is it that persons struck blind 
seldom or never commit suicide? � I never heard of a case. Also 
men who have lost limbs, are maimed, and that terribly? The 
causes of self murder vary with the ages of the world. Among the 
Romans, if a hero, a despot, a senator could not help himself in 
any extremity, it was universally expected of him; �  the then natural 
sequitur.	Nero�s case to wit � and he, a coward too.	You hear but 
little of it in the Feudal ages, religion of a sort being active then. In 
these days it�s done from poverty or romance, never philosophically.
Sir Thomas More recommends it, �when a man�s life is burthensome to 
himself, or others,� and Plato, also. 		How strangely awful 
must a man�s face look as he turns the key in his door, with 
a fierce, sad knowledge of never again re-opening it.      And to 
sit down and think and review a past life, hope, how bright,               
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