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Text for Page 081 [01-29-1850]

              He conducted it thus � First he spake of beautiful and
primitive creed of the Greek, content with and relying on
Nature, Zeus ruling sky, Poseidon the blue waters, and 
Pluto the mine � Hades or land of disembodied spirits.
The Hamadryad and Faun in the wood � the world all as
God willed it.   Next the Christian � Nature a snare and
enemy, faith and stern World fight through life.  Its debasement
under the dominant sway of Rome.      Then, (and the noblest
part of the Lecture,) of our Age.  Of it daring, sceptical question-
ing All � (which forms the great attraction of the �Faust� of Goethe);
� of its brain-traps to turn each element to an artisan for the
benefit of man and acquisition of dollars, � of young Men born as
[unclear word], �with Knives in their brain�; � of it being the age of
Tools; � and of the highway feudal baron now a Capitalist and Monopoly
ogre of mens lives and limbs.   Of the wondrous apropos-ness of each
invention � the telegraph just when needed � when the World could
not do without it � Of California, and the army of pioneers 
there, each man a walking American constitution; � knowing
his rights political and natural. Of Owen and Fourier, he
spoke with respect � he had not the heart to laugh at them �
men who had striven, believed and hoped.   They point out an 
evil and a monstrous one, and in this are more to be honored
than those who cry �Peace � peace, when there is no peace!�
Lastly he spake of talk of Revolution, and said that when               
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