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              [newspaper clipping]
     DIOGENES must belong to the �Lone Star�
Order.  This Lantern certainly reflects a fillibuster-
ish light or image this week which confirms our for-
mer suspicions.  We are certain that should any man
be caught in Cuba with a copy of the Lantern of this
week in his pocket, the next place he would be heard
from�if heard from at all, would be the dungeons of
the Moro.  Diogenes must not make sail in his
�tub� for Cuba until the �Wren� protected by the
�Eagle� is there to receive him.  But to explain.
The principle illustration in the Lantern of this
week is entitled �The Eagle and the Wren; or
Birds of Freedom taking liberties.�  The Brother
Jonathan, with �Eagle� wings and feathers, and
surrounded by a galaxy of stars, rests upon the top
of a globe; beneath is the Lion of Spain, roaring in
affright, and bearing on his back his royal mistress,
who with rather serious concerned look, sucks at a
stick of candy; and in the distance is Cuba, on
which a Wren, (representing Dr. Wren the founder
of the �Lone Star� Order,)  has alighted.  A single
star sheds down its rays upon the �Wren,� while
the Sun is rising up from the sea, dispelling the
darkness and clouds.  The conception is elegant and
its execution quite artistic.               
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