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Text for Page 153 [02-06-1853]

              we culminated to the highest, gravest, saddest, and most
hopeful of all Subjects.   Him of Nazareth.
  7.   Monday.  Weldon called, greeting me as the
�Britisher�, the which title I had appended to a
letter which I wrote to this days �Times�, anent Mrs
Ex-President Tylers  letter replying to the Duchess of
Sutherland & her lady-junta of gentle-hearted telescopic
philanthropists;  & which appeared in the paper.    Talk
with him.        How Snob O�Brien hath nullified himself./
Field rushing in bade me good-bye, he being off for
Australia by the Petrona; � vessel which Gotch goeth
in.  Bade him God Speed.   Mr Weldon left, 
taking away books even as he brought some to me.
Drawing.    Dined.  Met Neagle.    Down town.  Saw
Price.  To Wells & Webb, met Dickinson: to Weeds.
Returned to room.  Found Royal and a friend of
his, who was ambitious of drawing on wood & making
money by�t.  Told him matters anent it.     Drew.
Evening writing.   A letter home.        Brown, Brightly
& Waud rushed up stairs at about 11, stayed half
an hour, then left.
  8.  Tuesday.  Drawing till 2; then after dining at
the Shades, down town with Waud to the �News� Office, and               
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