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Text for Page 154 [02-08-1853]

              calling for Brightly & Brown, all to the Battery
together; there took boat and Waud & Brightly
rowing, an hour or so�s meandering brought us to the
side of the �Peytona�, where Field was looking out for us.
Aboard and there nearly an hour, looking about us.   In-
troduced Gotch to Field, they being both off in this vessel;
the Steerage was, (as is ever the case on the eve of a voyage,
murky, and full of boxes and individuals.     Field going
in the first cabin, had somewhat of comfort.       Vast amount
of badinage and exhilaration, and then bidding them
good bye, off we put in our own boat, cheering them lustily.
  It was a lovely bright, cold day, and in half an
hour or more the sun was setting over the waters in red
glory.       Long and tedious raining back with much funniment,
round Governors Island & to New York by 5.  Charley
& I supped at Sweeny�s, missing Waud & Brightly,
then he returned to work and I to my room.       Wrote a
letter to Barth.    Waud came up.
  9. Wednesday.   Drawing, I think all day, evening
  10.  Thursday.  Drawing till 3, then down town
with a host of blocks to Strong�s; then returned by 5;
and Brown coming, out with him as promised.  He               
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