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Text for Page 155 [02-10-1853]

              called at Dob�s by the way, I tarrying his leisure  in
the little boot-makers shop.      Dob hath been writing to &
boring Waud to talk to Brown.  /       In to the cars,
and up one of the avenues, then alighting, an hour
spent in finding the house,  Charley having mistaken the
avenue.        This effected, at length.      Into a spacious
handsomely furnished room of a stylish up-town boarding
house; some ten or twelve persons of either sex therein. Alfred
Brown there.    Introductions &c.  (The Society meet once
a week thus, at the houses of members.)        Closed doors
while they read their minutes &c, then all issuing forth into
the huge sitting room, the �business� or pleasure commenced.
Firstly one member read something from �Richelieu� rather
dismally, then a lady-member, 
favoured us with a scathing denunciation of tobacco, which
she had concocted.          She was not to blame, � but Brown�s
brother who gave her such a dismal subject to descant upon, �
what the deuce could she do, but the moral & statistical.
Then Charley gave a recitation right well � Campbell�s �Two
Spirits.�        I followed with tolerable success.       Anon some
singing &c, then dancing, then forfeits.   All this latter
part was pleasant enow.     There was one handsome, fair-
faced woman, with exquisite bust and figure, innocent-looking               
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