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Text for Page 156 [02-10-1853]

              withal, to whom I talked great part of the time.    She didn�t
say aught very clever or original, but was certainly the
pleasantest object in the room.           The Forfeits were a great
success,  I inventing divers ones for the nonce.   Much of
romping and kissing and general satisfaction.         Reached
my room about 1.
  11.  Friday.  Down town & drawing &c.  Naught of
  12.  Saturday.  Down town, Mathews, Reveille Office
Strong�s, getting $ for blocks.       Picayune Office, Lantern
&c; � to room again.     Down town again in afternoon,
paid for Picayune work.             Evening Weldon coming for
me took me home with him, where we supped and then
had book talk till nigh upon 1, when I left bearing with
me Carlyle�s life of Sterling, Saint Augustine�s Confessions,
and Welden�s �Parhelion� in the rough.
  13.    Sunday.   In the afternoon comes Brightly &
Brown, & Waud.     To the Battery, noting the the sea &
the sky and leaping about mid the snow.     Supped at
a place in Dey Street, then together to hear Chapin.
Sherry at St Charles afterwards.
  14. Monday.     Drawing;  Johns called.     Down
town.    Evening indoors,  Waud writing, I also.               
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