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Text for Page 158 [02-17-1853]

              snobbish speech about his feelings. (He looked very like a huge 
monkey  I have a recollection of in my juvenile days. I ad-
ministred a big onion to him, the beast was fool enough to eat it,
and then sat just like Brown, the remainder of the evening.)
  Some of the girls were amiable, some inane.  Altogether,
as they did no forfeits or romps, it was slow.      One good-tem-
pered, by no means well-favoured old maid I like much. She
it was that read the Tobacco essay last week.   But she
was so truly unaffected, goodnatured � and a good daughter too.
She crossed over to the wretched snob Alfred Brown, and really
tryed to coax him into temper, but couldn�t.   So he left early.
We left, hurryed into cars & parted at midnight at
the corner of Chamber Street.
  18.  Friday.   Writing and drawing.  A frontspiece
to Alexandre Dumas� new novel   �Isaac Laquedem�,
or the �Gospel according to Saint Dumas,� as the french
have nicknamed it.        Evening drawing awhile, then
to Fulton Street, to Brightly and Waud.  Holcomb
there too.       Brown is off to Boston again in a
devil of a hurry, anent his Italian born widow.
Talks of letters being intercepted, hath been to the post-
master; and telegraphed &c     /  At the �Shades.�
19.	Saturday.  Down town with drawing &c, about               
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