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Text for Page 160 [02-21-1853]

              and Brightly for whom I called to supper.      To Office
again, subsequently, with Waud.  I writing.    Pain gone
but horribly weak.
  22.  Tuesday.    Drawing & down town.  To Franklin
Street for meals.    Welden called, requesting me as I intended
to hear Theodore Parker lecture at the Tabernacle this night,
to take his wife also.     Down town with him, to the �Times�
Office; � introduced to Raymond the Editor.         Office again.
Evening to the Lecture, with Mrs Welden.       �Twas on
�The Caucasian Race & Anglo Saxonism.�       First of the
varieties of race, and superiority of the one chosen, then
historical of its branches, and their migrations; of the
Teutonic stock, and thence immediately to the Anglo &
American Saxon.       A good lecture,   with some bold out-
speakings anent Slavery.
  23.  Wednesday.  Brown returns from Boston; and
I having to give up occupation of his room, and the indecisive
mistress of the boarding house having played fast & loose about
the room designed for me, I quit.             There�s a fellow at
that house who has brains & can talk well.       One Robinson
a tall, black haired, haggard looking Virgininian.   He
has been in the Army, and travelled extensively & seen
much.     What ever subject may be broached, he can talk on it               
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