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Text for Page 161 [02-23-1853]

              with remarkable knowingness and pretense.  Has seen
the Mexican campaign, been in South America, Canada &c,
knows much of Indian tribes, history and antiquities, is inti-
mately and minutely informed of the history of his own state;
hates �Yankees�,  and don�t like women.    Has a wife,
and a pretty illegitimate child by some mistress, whom his
wife is fond of.       Drinks to excess, habitually.  Has
had a good education, (is translating the �Isaac Laquedem� of
Dumas for Bunnell & Price, which I illustrate.) and
is a vicious knave withal.  All the people
in the boarding house,  did�nt like him, and
he, I, & Brightly talked together at table.
  24.  Thursday.      Writing.    A letter from mine
own dear mother, brought by Mr Greatbatch at noon.
Evening, Waud & Brightly call.      To the Shades
together, Waud having gilded his face first, rendering
himself an awful spectacle.
  25.  Friday.  Down town during the morning.
  26.  Saturday.     Down town.  Drawing.   Evening
at Weldon�s till midnight, he calling for me.   Brown
and Waud called also.               
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