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Text for Page 162 [02-27-1853]

              27.  Sunday.   Davis & another called; then Waud &
Brightly.    All left.   I drawing.     Sunny, lovely day outside.
Dined at Shades, returned, Welden came, and left.    I drew
till 4, then to Fulton Street,   couldn�t effect entrance to
the woodpecking mansion, and so continued my walk.   To
the Battery, and by the East River, finding my way into
Chatham Street by 6.       Called at Royals, supped with
them,   & tarried till near 9, then to Mrs Kidder�s.
All out save Morse and one Paxton, with whom I bore
converse till 11.        Both had travelled hither & thither
extensively.    Talk of life in South America, Canada &c.
Mrs K and a brother returned from Brooklyn.   Left at
  28.  Monday.   Piteously wet day.   Down town to the
Picayune Office.      Met Robinson.   With him at a certain
first floor office in Nassau Street,  talk & whiskey punch
for half an hour.   To room again and drawing.  Dined
at �Shades.�   Drawing again.   Down town, Wells &
Webb & Lantern & Picayune Offices � then returned.
  2                                 /
     Bye the bye, that small Scoundrel Lockington, hath, after the
perpetration of some bolder rascalities than was wont to lie in his usual
piddling sphere, incontinently bolted, � they say to Australia. In
debt of course.               
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