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Text for Page 163 [03-01-1853]

  1.  Tuesday.     Drawing, with one walk down town.
Evening reading Tennyson,    Foul weather
  2.   Wednesday.     Drawing &c.   Morse & Mrs Kidder
called,  he off for Boston.   /      In doors most part of
the day.
  3. Thursday.   Drawing, writing &c.    To the �Lyceum�
in the evening with Brown,  Waud & Robinson.   The
latter hath a trick of romancing anent munificent behavior of
authors and managers to him, thereby representing himself un-
wittingly as a general mendicant.     Also he is prone to achieve
piddling loans of folk.     /     The play of the Evening Coleman�s
�Poor Gentleman.�    One of those standard pieces, with some sterling
stuff and a monstrous deal of conventional puppet twaddle in
them.  Brougham played Ollapod, and well.
  4.  Friday.   Writing all day.         Letter home &c.
  5.  Saturday.  Finished article for �Times�.   Called at
Weldon�s in the afternoon, then to Times Office, thence
to Picayune Office.     To the Fulton Street folk, awhile
with Brightly, Waud & Holcomb.    With the two former
& Brown to Genin�s,  thence up Broadway.   They joined 
me at my room after supper.    Talk awhile, till 10,               
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