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Text for Page 164 [03-05-1853]

              ale at Erford�s, then parted.
  6.  Sunday.     Dined leisurely at Erfords, then by
3 called at Franklin Street for Waud &c.   Out.
Walked on to Grand Street,  called at Nagle�s room.
Found his room companion Briggs there, cigars and talk.
This, [words crossed out] young fellow,  had been in England with
Pell the �Ethiopian [Sercuader?]�,   himself in the darkey
business; � plays at the �Fellows Minstrels.�   Divers stories
of the craft.        Nagle came, and an actor, who plays at
Wallacks.       The two professionals got up an impromptu concert,
the actor singing songs from the �Beggers Opera�,     Briggs doing
divers darkey ditties with banjo accompaniment.    One very lucky
pretty tune he played �the Arkansas� reel.�             Left
them at 7, thence supped solitarily at Sweeneys, then to
room.        Read   Emerson for an hour or twain.    Then to
Beach Street;  called at Mrs Kidders, where I stayed till
  7.  Monday.  Down town for Blocks &c,  to the
Picayune Office,  met Robinson there .   Returned to room
by noon; drawing.       Dined, as wont, at Erfords,
finding Neagle & Noah, and actors there.  Drawing
till 5, then down town with �em.      To Wells & Webbs,
Picayune Office,  then to Engravers in Fulton Street.               
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