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Text for Page 165 [03-07-1853]

              Walked back with Brightly & Brown.   Supped alone, 
as wont, then to room, writing
  8.  Tuesday.     Dismally wet.    In doors drawing,
down town once.    Alf Waud called in the evening, and
stayed with me.    At Florence�s together, oysters & talk.
A letter from Heylyn.
  9.  Wednesday.   Evil weather still.  Down town to
Wells & Webbs  & Picayune Office.   Return and working.
Sent for by Bunnell.  Down town again.   Return, walking
with Robinson.   Drawing on till midnight.
  10.  Thursday.   To the Harper�s place, Franklin Square.
Saw them, and sold three drawings I took for that
purpose.    One to re-draw, not being large enow for their
magazine page.       To Wells & Webbs.  Picayune Office.
And Strongs, leaving a pile of drawings for him.    To
Weeds� &c, then to dinner.      Lovely, sunny, fresh day, 
marvellous cheery.         Waud came to Erfords.       Drawing
in room all the rest of the day, & evening
  11.  Friday.   Down town, Picayune Office, & Strong�s.
Return to room & drawing.   Dining at Erfords, Waud, 
Brown & Brightly came, latter in my room awhile after-
wards.      Drawing.     Evening the triumvirate came, and               
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